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April 27, 2016
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Here is a portrait of the lovely Miss Betty. We went with a gorgeous nest, drawn in chalk and there she rests like a contented bird.

unique fine art custom portrait of child

I have recently started doing commissions of my chalk dreams series. Before I had only ever done this as a fine art series with my own child and a few select friends. I have been doing these photos since about 2007 and they have shown in art galleries all over the country and I even have a few in the permanent collection at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston.

What you get for your session- I work with my clients to developed a concept that goes with their child or subject. We go over different ideas for backgrounds and costuming and then I sketch it out in large scale. The session itself usually takes no longer than an hour and a half in my studio and after it is done I offer a variety of prints or canvasses depending on the package you choose. Packages for these one of a kind custom portraits start at $1000.

Because of the unique nature of these portraits, at the moment I only offer them in my downtown Houston studio, but I am putting together packages to take this show on the road. If you would like to discuss having a unique fine art portrait done of yourself or your child, feel free to contact me at lauraburlton(at)

custom child fine art portrait