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April 29, 2016
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I remember when I first started taking photos again. I had done photography in high school and at home for that matter. It had always sort of been there. But what I remember, when it really started taking hold, like really gripping me was around 1998? At the time we owned a hair salon and we had just had our first child. I purchased a camera, and started trying doing fashion shoots for hair magazines. Nothing commissioned, just photo shoots of our own work. I remember my work did not quite look as awesome as I wanted it to then, so I decided to take a few classes.
It was then that I got really hooked. I spent countless hours in the darkroom at the Glassell School, honing my skills. I was so enthusiastic! I think my kids got to do a lot in life because I basically wanted to take their photo someplace. When times got tight and we shut down our salon, I only got more creative. This is when I started my chalk dreams series. I could not afford to build sets or travel much, so I drew my own little worlds on the driveway and got to work with my trusty holga. The series has evolved over the years, but I have been coming back to it for quite a while now. Sometimes I lose enthusiasm for what I do, and it is the first thing I go back to. What can I create? What story can I tell? What fairytale can I dream up? It’s all about keeping enthusiasm and passion for what you do. fineart photography personal work chalk dreams cyanotype wetplate