The series “Dreams in Chalk” started as a project I could easily do at home with my kids. My daughters enjoy dressing up and we liked to draw and act out scenes for the camera. We enjoy reading fairy tales and other classic fiction like Alice in Wonderland. While oftentimes these stories come with illustrations, it is always fun to interpret them on your own and draw out our own version.

Fairy tales and folklore started as an oral tradition, long before the advent of movies, television, or even the written word. These fireside tales were the entertainment of their day, a diversion from the drudgery of manual labor and the harsh reality of life at that time. While most tales are morally ambiguous, they do give occasion to think through a lot of fears and desires we humans inherently have. They are a place for children and adults to safely confront anxieties: the baddies, the stepmothers, monsters, beast, giants and ogres and with some cunning or luck, come out the other side vanquished. For beauty and love to triumph at the end and for happily ever afters.

I chose chalk and sidewalk as my canvas and backdrop of whichever story my daughters want to act out, as it is easily available and quick to change to suit the needs of the session. My daughters (and occasionally friends) find themselves the subject of my fairytale world and I make them up to suit my inner vision’s needs. One minute we may be interpreting a rather Grimm story while the next we are trying to see the inner eye of a passing white rabbit. My chalk seems to have visions of it’s own and a need to help us create our own happily ever-afters.

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Exhibitions and shows

2012 (upcoming) Homespace Gallery, Group exhibition, New Orleans, LA

2012 (upcoming) Pacific Photo Center Northwest Auction exhibition, Seattle, WA

2012 (upcoming) Photo Forum exhibition, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, TX

2012 The Burlton Ten ( online exhibition through The Ten Photo)

2012 Spin8: Put a tree on it – Houston Center for Photography

2012 Luck of the Draw -Diverse Works, Houston TX

2011-2012 Chalk Dreams –  Poets Gallery, New Orleans as a part of Photo Nola

2011 Print Auction – Houston Center for photography, Houston, TX

2010 Chalk Dreams – solo show, Havens Center Gallery as a part of the fotofest 2010 Biennial

2010 Membership show – Houston Center for Photography

2010  Artist Dialogue Exhibition – Houston center for photography ( cover image for promotional material)

2010 Photo NOMA- one day portfolio show – New Orleans Museum of Art

2009 Select works – solo show – Sauce gallery, Houston, TX

2008 Red Show- the Darkroom, New Orleans LA

2008 Glassell show for Fotofest – Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, TX

2007 Fairytales and Nightmares, Hungry’s gallery, solo show ( Coming in December)

2007 Under the Radar. Williams Tower Gallery , Houston, TX juried by Sally Sprout(May 07)

2007 Toy Polloy, Lexington KY, juried group show

2007 Hungry’s Gallery, Group photography show, juried by Soodi Sharifi

2007 Emerging, Midtown Art Center, Houston TX

2006 Krappy Kamera 8, Soho Photo New York, NY, peoples choice award

2006 Photokina –Germany, Lomographic society analog camera show

2006 Plastic -Mooncruise Gallery- Vancouver B.C

2006 Fairytales and Nightmares – London Hair Company- as a part of FotoFest 2006

2006 Houston, It’s Worth It – Houston Center for Photography, group show

2006 Xniliho Gallery/Taft Street Coffee – Group show as a part of FotoFest 2006

2005 Vienna Is- Weiner Planungswerkstatt Gallery, Vienna Austria, group show

2005 Lomography Greenspace Project, Valencia, Spain- greenspace festival group show

2005 London Hair Company- Lomo Show, group exhibition

2005 Houston Center for Photography- juried membership show

2005 What would the world be like…, Camera Co-Op, Houston TX group show

2004 Domestic Isolation- London Hair Company as a part of FotoFest 2004

2004 Houston center for Photography- juried membership show

2004 Glassell School of Art- photography show- juried by Jean caslin and Clint Willour

2003 Glassell School of Art- juried student show

2003 Glassell School of Art – juried photography show

2002 Glassell School of Art – Juried student show


2010 Plastic Cameras: Toying with Creativity by Michelle Bates- contributing artist 2nd edition
2010 Lightleaks magazine – Holgapalooza edition
2009 Houston Its’s worth it- Ike edition – contributing artist
2009 Lightleaks magazine – Holgapalooza edition
2007 Houston- It’s worth it – contributing artist
2006 Plastic Cameras: Toying with Creativity by Michelle Bates- contributing artist
2006 The World Through a Plastic Lens, Adam Scott- contributing artist
2006 Lomography Fisheye Book ( to be released late 2006) contributing artist
2006 Lightleaks Magazine issue 4- contributing artist
2006 Lightleaks Magazine Issues 2 and 3- contributing artist, calendar editor
2006 Black and White Photography, UK, April 2006
2005 Kamera & Bild  Magazine, Sweden, December 2005
2005 Lightleaks Magazine, contributing artist

Curatorial and other experience

2006 Lightleaks Magazine, Photo Editor Winter Issue ( upcoming)
2006 Toy Joy- a plastic camera show, juried by Will Michels- I conceived, promoted, got sponsorship for and organized this show as a part of Fotofest 2006.
2006 Lightleaks Magazine- served as calendar editor for issues 2 and 3
2003-2006 London Hair Company- Organized several Photography shows, conceived, curated, promoted and organized 3-4 exhibitions per year.